Approaches to Circularity

June 11 – 12, 2018. The event aims to establish viable approaches in the transition towards a circular built environment. We want to discuss our BauHow5 approaches with stakeholders from the general public, government, finance, industry and design. Do our efforts align? Are we targeting the right topics? Are we making the greatest possible impact? Room will be given to debate, discussion and networking.

Organization, Moderation: Tillmann Klein, Delft University of Technology
Introduction: Frank van der Hoeven. 100% Research, Delft University of Technology

Session 1 – The academic approach
In 4 presentations BauHow5 members will describe their vision of a future circular built environment. We will discuss what is expected from academia and how the strongest impact can be made. How is circularity translated into education?
Tillmann Klein, Delft University of Technology
Ben Croxford, University College London
Tobias Wagner, Technical University Munich
Lasse Lind,  Chalmers University of Technology / 3XN Architects

Session 2 – Design and Industry
Selected experts from practice will share their views on circularity in the building realm. Which projects have successfully been realized? Is there already a business proposition and what are the possible bottlenecks?
Ron Jacobs / Gaël Minet, Kloeckner Metals ODS Nederland
Hans Hammink, de Architekten Cie
Bas van de Griendt, NRP Circulair
Olaf Oosting, Unica Energy Solutions

Session 3 – Governance and finance
Speakers from government and institutions will outline strategic approaches. How will the transition towards a circular society take place and what is the role of the built environment? What regulatory frameworks can we expect and what funding opportunities will come available?
Arnold Tukker, Leiden-Delft-Erasmus Centre for Sustainability
Petran van Heel, ABN AMRO Bank
Robert van Beek, FME Association

Discussion – Shaping circular approaches
Tillmann Klein, David Peck, Bob Geldermans

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