Digital Evening Lecture: GEOSTORIES by Rania Ghosn

The lecture is part of Module 4 THEORETICAL POSITIONING – RE-BUILDING MORE-THAN-HUMAN-WORLDS (part two) of the doctoral program „Approaching research practice in architecture 2“.

Rania Ghosn will present her project Geostories, followed by a conversation and Q+A.

Geostories is a manifesto on the environmental imagination that renders sensible the issues of climate change and through geographic fiction invites to relate to the complexity of Earth systems in their vast scales of time and space. Through design research, Geostories brings together spatial history, geographic representation, projective design, and material public assemblies to speculate on ways of living with such legacy technologies on the planet.

Rania Ghosn is Associate Professor of architecture and urbanism at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and founding partner, with El Hadi Jazairy, of DESIGN EARTH. Her practice employs speculative architecture as a medium to make public the climate crisis. Her work as an architect, researcher and educator charts how technological systems of fossil fuel energy changed the earth, and imagines ways of living with legacy geographies, such as oil fields and landfills, on a damaged planet. Ghosn is recipient of the United States Artist Fellowship, Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designers, and grants from Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts.Her work has been widely published and exhibited and is in the New York Museum of Modern Art permanent collection. Recent books include, Geostories: Another Architecture for the Environment (2nd ed. 2020; 2018), Geographies of Trash, 2015, and The Planet After Geoengineering (2021), which was exhibited at Venice Biennial. Ghosn holds a Doctor of Design degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she was founding editor of the journal New Geographies and editor of Landscapes of Energy. Read more:

The evening will be convened by Meike Schalk (KTH&TUM), Torsten Lange (TUM), Elena Markus (TUM), Andreas Putz(TUM) and Karin Reisinger (KTH).

10.03.2022, 15.30h CET

Online: Zoom
Meeting-ID: 628 1807 8424
Pass code: 656051

The event is part of the activities of the BauHow5 Alliance and supported by the Anna Boyksen Fellowship and ARI Seed Fund.